Victor Rosenberg and Tao Zhang at the BCA Skylab Facility

Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA) SkyLab provides performance verification of ClearVue Solar IGUs and spandrel during month-long demonstration.

5 October 2023 – Perth, Australia – Smart building materials company ClearVue Technologies Limited (ClearVue – ASX: CPV | OTC: CVUEF) announces results from Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority’s SkyLab test facility which concluded significant energy generation, savings, and sustainability benefits of ClearVue Solar IGUs especially when deployed in conjunction with ClearVue’s Solar Spandrel solution.

As government and organizational commitment to the sustainability of commercial real estate continues to grow, on-site energy generation and energy efficiency of building materials will be on the forefront of architects’, developers’, and commercial real estate owners’ minds when creating new designs and business planning for projects,” explains Martin Deil, Chief Executive Officer, ClearVue.

To meet and exceed the requirements of carbon reduction plans like that of Singapore’s Carbon Pricing Act, new innovative technologies like ClearVue’s solar IGUs and spandrel will need to be integrated into both retrofit improvements of existing buildings as well as new construction. We are very pleased with the results of the testing completed at BCA’s SkyLab and look forward to continuing to support sustainability initiatives around the globe,” continues Deil.

The notable outcomes from the real-world testing of ClearVue IGUs include:

  • Energy Performance of ClearVue Solar IGUs:
    • 8% reduction in cooling load, resulting in 7.5% overall energy savings including energy generation from ClearVue IGUs
    • Total building energy consumption (from cooling, lights, fans, and plug loads) averaged 6.1% lower than a conventional building façade excluding generation
    • In solar favorable conditions each window (1685x1265mm) can generate up to 170Wh per day.
  • Thermal Performance of ClearVue Solar IGUs:
    • Improved thermal comfort for building occupants based on the Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) index which is a thermal comfort standard within the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) comfort zone for 96.1% of the time.
    • Reduced cooling load through Internal glazing surface temperatures on the ClearVue Solar IGUs were up to 3.5°C cooler compared to control windows during daytime hours. Less solar heat gain reduces cooling loads.
    • Glare levels were also 75.2% imperceptible when looking out of the ClearVue Solar IGU façade—a major improvement over only 45.8% for the conventional double glazed unit (DGU) windows of the control. This enhances visual comfort.
  • Carbon Benefits:
    • Over the expected lifetime of 25-30 years, a typical installation could avoid over 9.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions from the grid.
    • When accounting for the emissions offset through solar power generation as well, the ClearVue Solar IGUs provide an estimated 4.75-year carbon payback period.
  • Energy Performance of ClearVue solar IGUs and Spandrel Solution:
    • 71% overall energy savings achieved when combining ClearVue solar IGUs and spandrel.
    • The Spandrel Solution delivered an average of 1.661 kWh per day during the test cycle.

The study was performed over a 4-week period running July-August 20231. The BCA SkyLab directly compared the performance of a West-facing2 test cell fitted with ClearVue’s triple glazed IGU against a control cell deployed with Singapore’s BCA ‘Greenmark Platinum’ certified3 double glazed low-e windows.

The BCA test results follow the recent announcement demonstrating ClearVue Solar IGUs can now be produced at mass-scale on unmodified glazing industry standard production lines.