An Australian company dedicated to solving the renewable energy dilemma, ClearVue is leading the way in building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)

The built environment is responsible for nearly 40% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions (28% of which comes from within the ‘in-use’ phase of a building).

ClearVue’s PV glazing creates clean energy on site whilst minimizing energy use within the building.

Company history

ClearVue is an Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed public company registered in Australia. Our ticker or stock symbol is ‘CPV’. We have been working for years to perfect a technology that utilizes an age-old building material, one that protects us from and connects us to our environment, clear glass!

The company’s core product offering is, at its simplest, highly energy efficient, clear glass that generates electricity. Internationally recognized and scientifically published for this disruptive technology, ClearVue Technologies (ClearVue) has commenced commercialization of clear, solar PV glazing products and solutions.

Based in Perth, Western Australia along with our current array of research partners, ClearVue is a renewable energy company that seeks to play an important role in meeting the world’s current and future energy requirements in a clean, safe and sustainable manner.

ClearVue Technologies Ltd lists on ASX, 25 May 2018

ClearVue's Vision is to help create and power a better, cleaner world

At ClearVue, the pursuit of our vision to help create and power a better, cleaner world, is at forefront of our overall development strategy and business practices. We see a world where nearly all buildings and other surfaces become solar PV collection sources and where the ClearVuePV BIPV and glass PV solutions form an integral part of that new future.

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Energy Generating
Clear Glass

ClearVue's Mission

ClearVuePV is a disruptive technology innovation, where the consumers of energy are both the demand side and the supply side of their energy needs. Our mission is to provide global energy solutions that are clean, renewable and sustainable, potentially one of the most significant innovations in building materials advancement that the world has seen – introducing clean power generation into the very fabric of the modern glazed building.

ClearVue is at the forefront of an energy and architectural design revolution that we believe will address in part the world’s growing energy demands for a clean, sustainable and renewable energy future.

ClearVue's Values

ClearVue is committed to supplying only the highest quality, sustainably manufactured products, solutions and services through acting on the company’s six core values:

  • Customers have the highest priority in our business – we will strive to meet or exceed their expectations in all our dealings with them.
  • People are our greatest strength and we will provide a safe working environment and be an equitable employer, whilst developing their potential by training and experience, so they can provide the services and products that our customers demand.
  • Partnerships and collaborations will be developed to foster alliances with our customers, suppliers and the community that will add value to our business.
  • Innovation in technologies and processes will always be embraced to ensure we maintain our distinct competitive advantage.
  • Performance will be objectively measured and improved in order that we become the best at what we do.
  • ClearVue is committed to Quality, Continuous Improvement, OHS&W and reducing the company’s own impact on the environment.

"One of the greatest threats to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."

– Robert Swan

We are driven by a common vision to help create & power a cleaner world and to be part of the sustainable power generation solution.


Imagine a world where consumers are part of the energy solution.