Chief Executive Officer (North America)

Basil Karampelas

I am absolutely thrilled to be joining a company where I believe my skills and experience can help ClearVue take advantage of the unprecedented favourable market conditions in North America.

These conditions, coupled with the features incorporated into ClearVue’s product offering, should quickly allow us to become a market leader. We have a virtuous confluence of events occurring that should help us achieve our targets. In particular, we have:

  • Demand for energy savings being driven by higher energy prices;
  • Climate change-driven ESG policies being championed not only by governments, but by shareholders, investors and corporates; and
  • Significant Green House Gas (GHG) reduction mandates being introduced in cities with high building densities such as New York. These mandates have caught many building owners by surprise, and they are in need of a solution such as the one our Company has that is available today, not two to three years from now.

I appreciate the vote of confidence that Victor and the rest of the board of ClearVue have given me by appointing me to this role and I look forward to meeting all of ClearVue’s employees as I begin my journey at the Company.

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D2Solar Master Services Agreement Signed

CPV in negotiations to co-locate US engineering & tech team in Silicon Valley, US

ClearVue Technologies and leading specialist solar engineering firm D2Solar, based in Silicon Valley in the US, sign Master Services Agreement for further development work on second and third generation technologies.

The signing of the MSA sets the framework for a long-term development partnership with D2Solar,
extending the Company’s long-term growth and market development strategies for its key territory of
North America, with benefits extending to markets worldwide.

The intent behind engaging D2Solar as a component manufacturer in the US is to ensure a stable and
secure US-based product supply chain, which has become a key factor in purchasing decision-making within
the major North American market.

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