European CEO Update - Dieter Moor

Upcoming PV Obligations in Europe

Discussions about upcoming PV obligations have started in Europe and, in some federal states, specific regulations have been implemented from the start of 2022.

In some of the European member states, the building codes are organised on a federal state level, largely to take into account the regional conditions, such as different snow loads etc.

In relation to solar obligation, certain federal states have now taken the lead.

For example, North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany has mandated PV installation for parking spaces bigger than 35 cars.  Schleswig-Holstein starts at 100 carparks.

In other federal states, the focus is more on building renovations and roof tops.  In Berlin, for example, PV installation will be mandatory for new private buildings and for rooftop renovations from January 2023.

An advisory service, BAIP, which trains architects and real estate companies on BIPV, has been introduced.

For example, the Swiss Heritage organisation, criticises the plans for a PV obligation in Basel to place solar cells on unprotected historic buildings, with Andreas Häner, Director of the Basel section of Swiss Heritage, saying,

If we put photovoltaics on all the roofs, the image of the city will be destroyed“.

Facades are considered to be possible alternatives.

As demonstrated in the data from the ClearZero Archetype model energy report, an absolute zero energy balance is only possible if the transparent window surfaces are also activated.  Accordingly, ClearVue’s offering can be seen as a supplement to all the above planned measures, particularly on rooftops and carports.


Europe's solar obligations to existing building stock

The launch of the ClearZero Archetype and it’s announcement earlier in January 2022 has piqued a huge amount of interest across Europe, so much so that the full archetype energy report has been translated to German and distributed across our business networks, as well as our investor relations and associated partnering platforms.

With 75% of the European building stock considerably lacking in terms of energy efficiency, we see incredible potential for ClearVuePV in the retrofit and building renovation space, in addition to new builds.  The impressive data derived from the energy modelling exercise that produced the ClearZero Archetype, has now prompted the need for a similar model to be created for the retrofit scenario using a historical building in order to help create sustainable cities, to meet the climate and energy targets of the European Green Deal.

The European Commission is calling for a 20-fold increase in renovation rates of existing buildings to help fuel a green economic recovery.

New German Government presents package of measures to support PV

pv magazine, Germany reports on the ambitions of the newly created Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection in Germany, to ensure a strong surge in demand for photovoltaics with a new version of the German renewable energy law.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action presented the new measures, which includes an increase in solar capacity, to be allocated through tenders and the mandatory installation of PV systems in all commercial buildings.

Installed photovoltaic capacity is expected to increase by around 140-200GW by 2030.

Read pv Magazine, Germany article HERE

European Marketing Activities

Allianz BIPV Newsletter Feature

ClearVue’s membership with Allianz BIPV provided an opportunity to introduce the company, products and technology to their membership database, through the below feature in BIPV-News #01-22 newsletter.

The BIPV Alliance is promoting the expansion of building-integrated photovoltaics and aiming to remove existing impairments to its use. The alliance propagates that building-integrated photovoltaics should become a natural component of buildings.

Click HERE to read full newsletter.

Upcoming Conferences & Events

Due to the number of cases and spread of the new variant of Covid-19, several conferences and fairs will be postponed or will be held online only.  Nevertheless, ClearVue will be present and our marketing activities will take place within the required format.

Click on individual logos to find out more about each event.

The Futurebuild Conference (1 – 3 March 2022) claims to be the home of innovation and a net-zero pioneering event, connecting over 20,500 specifiers, decision-makers and distruptors with major brands and start-ups.  The London event’s mission is to cultivate cross-sector collaboration to inspire the transformational change needed to propel the construction industry to net-zero.

ClearVue will visit 2022 Futurebuild, London to refresh connections to this huge market place.

The 4th Annual Innovative Glazing Global Summit was originally scheduled to be held 28 – 29 April, 2022 in Berlin, however it has now been changed to an online event, which Dieter will still chair and Victor Rosenberg will be Q&A panelist.

This edition of the Summit will focus on the latest technological advancements improving the glazing process, trending glass use cases in architectural design and recent innovations being adopted to create smart glass with multi-functional uses while improving overall building performance.

Click HERE to view the Summit Agenda and Key Speaker Information

SwissBau is the leading platform for the construction and real estate industry in Switzerland and brings together the country’s combined decision-making competence at the one event.

Dieter will be representing ClearVue in his attendance at the event, which is promoted as being a source of inspiration, exchange platform and innovation radar for the entire Swiss planning, construction and real estate industry.

Their motto: Tying it all together!

Gevel 2022 (31 May 2022) – Dutch for ‘Facade’ – This a trade fair for design & engineering of the building envelope, scheduled to take place in Jaarbeurs, Netherlands.

GEVEL 2022 is all about the power of the idea and references a line from the 2010 film ‘Inception’

“A single idea of the human mind can build cities.
An idea can change the world and rewrite all the rules”.

ClearVue will exhibit some product samples at the stand of Hermans Techniglaz.

Click HERE for more information about the event.