Striving for the highest standards in corporate governance

Transparency and Security

Guided by the ethos that corporate governance is one of the critical drivers of the operations and performance of a company, ClearVue’s dedicated leadership team is committed to providing transparency and security in its business practices, for shareholders and employees alike.

Corporate Governance

The primary responsibility of the ClearVue Technologies Board is to represent and advance Shareholders’ interests and to protect the interests of all stakeholders. To fulfill this role, the Board is responsible for the overall Corporate Governance of ClearVue Technologies, including its strategic direction, establishing goals for management and monitoring the achievement of these goals.

Our Purpose

To meet the world’s environmental objectives by providing a smart energy technology through the medium of glass

Our Values

Innovation and technology excellence, teamwork, integrity, quality, safety and customer satisfaction

Corporate Objectives

To provide an above average return to shareholders by providing unique energy solutions

Responsibilities of the Board
  • Protection and enhancement of Shareholder value.
  • Formulation, review and approval of the objectives and strategic direction of the Company.
  • Approving all significant business transactions including acquisitions, divestments and capital expenditure.
  • Monitoring the financial performance of the Company by reviewing and approving budgets and monitoring results.
  • Ensuring the adequate internal control systems and procedures exist and that compliance with these systems and procedures is maintained.
  • The identification of significant business risks and ensuring that such risks are adequately managed.
  • The review of performance and remuneration of executive directors and key staff.
  • The establishment, maintenance and monitoring of appropriate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards and policies.
  • Evaluating and, where appropriate, adopting with or without modification, ASIC and ASX Corporate Governance and Best Practices.
Key Governance Statements & Policies

"One of the greatest threats to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."

– Robert Swan

We are driven by a common vision to help create & power a cleaner world and to be part of the sustainable power generation solution.