Technology Trials

Entrance Atrium – Warwick Grove Shopping Centre – Warwick, Western Australia

This trial demonstrator project in conjunction with Vicinity Group has upgraded the Northern entrance door atrium to its Warwick Grove Shopping Centre in Western Australia by replacing an older existing glass atrium of very similar design with a new ClearVue solar PV glass atrium. The atrium entry glass includes 18 ClearVue PV triple-glazed low-e power-generating IGU panels (comprising 8 glass IGU panels on the roof, 8 panels on the North front face and 2 obscured and partially shaded panels on the East face).

The atrium entrance area ClearVue PV glass charges a battery for energy storage and is providing power for lighting in the atrium and outside signage, amongst other things.

Below is a live* data feed (the same dashboard screen is shown inside the shopping centre itself) provided by ClearVue partner IoTStream from the glass atrium trial. The connected IoTStream dashboard information below is obtained from the trial’s PV solar inverter and battery and is providing information on the performance of the atrium in terms of its power generation, energy savings made and potential carbon offsets:


*Notes: at times data flow may be delayed by up to 20 mins. Cumulative data collected from 10 May 2019.

Further Information on the Trial

Vicinity’s media release on the trial project can be found at:

Vicinity’s video release on the trial project:

Information on Other Trials

Coming Soon. Please revisit in coming weeks and months for details on other trials.