System USA, Inc. plans to integrate ClearVue clear solar glass into a California greenhouse project that will generate approximately 107,000 kWh annually.

October 31, 2023 – Watsonville, CaliforniaClearVue Technologies Limited (ASX: CPV) (ClearVue or the Company), a smart building materials company, will deliver solar glazing to System USA, Inc. (Greenhouse System USA Inc.) of Watsonville, California (System USA) for a greenhouse project expected to provide approximately 82 kW of solar power and producing an estimated 107,000 kWh annually.

Operating for over 42 years, System USA is a leader in green housing solutions in the U.S. and Canada. This clean, renewable power project will be eligible for incentives created by the Inflation Reduction Act lowering annual operating costs and reducing the facility’s carbon footprint.

This project will utilize ClearVue’s innovative single pane glazing laminate developed by ClearVue in conjunction with research partner D2Solar.

“Greenhouses have been an integral part of our strategy from day one as we understood the growing global need for renewable energy solutions for sustainable agriculture. We are thrilled to work in partnership with System USA, a company setting the modern global standard for excellence in efficient greenhouse facilities. We are pleased the partnership is with System USA, a company setting the modern global standard for excellence in efficient greenhouse facilities. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with System USA as we progress discussions for them to become a U.S. distributor for ClearVue,” says Martin Deil, Global CEO, ClearVue Technologies.

“The increasing demand for renewable energy in agriculture is bolstered by government incentives including the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act as well as a consumer push for sustainability. ClearVue and System USA are excited to deliver our solutions to the agricultural sector,” continues Deil.

The California project builds on the considerable success ClearVue has had with previous solar greenhouse projects, including the Murdoch University R&D Greenhouse in Perth, operational since 2021, as well as the greenhouse constructed at Sendai Ignis resort in Japan by ClearVue licensee Tomita Technologies.

“We are very excited to work on our first ClearVuePV greenhouse project. Having closely evaluated this technology, we’re particularly pleased with the recent advancements that have made it exceptionally appealing. We have full confidence we will achieve robust energy generation and efficiency with ClearVue’s greenhouse glass solutions,” says Peter Fryn, President, System USA.

This agreement marks a significant step in ClearVue’s mission to revolutionize sustainable agriculture and contribute to a cleaner, greener future. This announcement follows several significant milestones for ClearVue, including the co-development agreement for single-glazing and double-glazed IGUs with D2Solar, the demonstration of mass-scale manufacturing, and the company’s inclusion of greenhouse solutions as one of its priorities to achieve short- and long-term revenue growth.