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Create Net Zero Energy Buildings

Meet your glazing efficiency targets whilst powering a significant portion of your building's energy needs from its glass

ClearVue's clear solar glass energy solutions provide power that have a positive impact on the environment, saves money, is low maintenance, improves grid security, can be installed almost anywhere and increases the value of the building they are installed in. Doesn't that sound better?


ClearZero Archetype - 99/100 on Energy Star Rating System

ClearZero archetype scores in the top 1% of buildings in USA / Canada, in relation to energy performance & low carbon emissions


Carbon Embodiment Payback Period – about 9 years

ClearVue’s technology has a carbon embodiment payback of less than nine years. Compare this to standard double glazing at around 100 years!


Visible light transparency (VLT) up to 70%

High visible light transmittance – up to 70% of visible natural light passes through the visually clear color neutral glass.


Power per m2 from clear glass up to 40 Wp/m2 (peak)

Proven ability to generate 40 watts peak per m2

Commitment to sustainable solar energy production is a top priority and key to ClearVue's overall development strategy

Capitalise on significant energy benefits while addressing the climate crisis through better, more sustainable buildings

  • OPTIMISE performance of window assets to attract buyers and tenants, with reduced operating costs and higher quality building assets
  • REVITALISE poor performing existing windows by improving energy efficiency measures and refurbishing existing buildings in lieu of constructing new assets
  • POWER of 30 watts /m2 (peak) deployed, proven & tested. 40 watts /m2 (peak) coming in 2021
  • CUSTOMISE insulated glass units, configured to achieve your SHGC & U Value requirements
  • THE ONLY clear (VLT~70%) solar window on the market

Clean, economic energy solutions that can help to improve overall health and wellness

Maximum daylighting, better visual connection with the outdoors, better acoustics, protection from UV and minimize the potential adverse impacts that energy production has on our daily lives

  • IMPROVE quality of occupied space by reducing energy wastage and optimising internal occupant comfort
  • EXPLORE the opportunities through core business activities to further reduce emissions and increase impact, to demonstrate climate leadership
  • ILLUMINATE your space allowing ~ 70% light into your building or greenhouse, maximising the health benefits of natural daylighting and reducing the need for artificial lighting
  • AUTOMATE through intelligent, self-powering integration in window/facade technologies that can anticipate optimum wellness needs

Imagine innovative technology that can help de-carbonise energy systems

Limit global warming & potentially reach carbon payback in less than 10 years

  • ACHIEVE – Potential carbon payback of ~ 9 years
  • SAVE – ClearVuePV windows are unique in the way they both save and generate energy, thereby completely displacing their embodied carbon many times over during the lifetime of the product
  • DEVELOP – ClearVue’s next-generation products are hope to achieve further efficiencies, with an offset of the embodied carbon in less than 3-4 years

Improved indoor environmental quality has never been more important

With people currently spending up to 90% of their time indoors, building occupants can live, work & play better within clean, sustainable, smart power generating buildings

  • ENHANCE organisational productivity and sustainability performance
  • INCREASE awareness of the energy consumption of occupied spaces and resulting carbon emissions
  • ADVOCATE to building owners for access to energy consumption data to take greater control over consumption and improvements, and energy supply contracts
  • ATTRACT and retain talent due to the health and wellness benefits and occupant comfort advantages AS WELL AS through a strong sustainability message, positive ESG policies and net zero strategies that are aligned with thought-leading corporate social values

Commit to sustainable energy production & live better