Solar for nearly every façade surface

With our proprietary technology, ClearVue products capture the energy of the sun and transform it to power your buildings, from skyscrapers to greenhouses.


Financial returns intersect sustainability objectives. Finally, the bean counters and the greenies are on the same recycled page

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Energy & Sustainability

Save on heating and cooling whilst creating clean energy at site from your windows

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Health & Wellness

Work & live better through sustainable optimisation of your glass

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Carbon Embodiment

Carbon payback in less than 10 years (vs double glazing of circa 100 years)

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Occupant Benefits

Work and live sustainably - improved occupant health, comfort and productivity


We use an age-old building material, one that protects us from & connects us to our environment... clear glass

We harness the energy from the sun using windows constructed with an interlayer made of a proprietary formulation of nano and micro particles (our ‘magic dust’) that can ultimately transform the way we power the world. Deployed, tested & proven.


Build Better with economic, green & clear solar glass energy solutions …

Better for you, better for us, better for the planet


Developed, proven and deployed technology

No need to be a technology guinea pig. Read about our current building projects.

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