What framing systems can be used with the ClearVue PV IGU panels?

Almost any kind can be used – the type of framing used will typically be dictated by what type of construction the IGU modules are going into. Residential and low to mid-rise constructions will typically be any combination of timber, aluminium, steel, uPVC or others. Commercial will typically be aluminium. High rise buildings will typically be aluminium or steel or both.

Notwithstanding, there will be a framing system that suits your aesthetic and functional needs that works with the ClearVue IGU products. If you are having trouble finding the appropriate system, please give us a call and we can recommend suitable suppliers, or we will work with you and your architects and façade engineers to source them.

An example of an already available off-the-shelf framing system available globally is supplied by Schüco (see: www.shueco.com) – a system specifically designed for BIPV products and is capable of fitting double, triple and quadruple glazed IGU modules.