Information for Potential Licensees

How Can I become a Distributor?

Whether the opportunity to become a distributor is available or not will be dependent upon existing distribution relationships that may be in place in your region. The best way to find this out is by emailing us at to initiate discussions.

If no existing distributor exists in your region the next step will be for us to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you in order for us to give you more information about the company, product and technology and for us to consider your suitability to become a distributor which may require certain due diligence by the ClearVue team.

How can I become a Manufacturer (and/or Distributor)?

As with distribution rights, the right to become a licensed manufacturer (with or without distribution rights) will depend upon existing arrangements in your region.

ClearVue’s due diligence requirements for appointment of a manufacturer will be stricter than for appointment of distributors as production capacity and product quality control will be paramount considerations for the ClearVue team.

Is there a Licence Fee?

Typically for the appointment of a manufacturer a licence fee will apply.