How does this compare with a roof based solar photovoltaic panel?

The most important parameter characterising the PV module performance is Specific Yield (SY), measured in kWh/kWp, and showing the annual produced energy (in kWh) per each 1 kWp (1000 Wp) of installed generation capacity.

Typical values of SY for optimally mounted roof-based silicon PV are between 1300-1500 kWh/kWp.

A conservative estimate for the SY of Warwick Grove trial installation can be made using the predicted annual generation: 605 kWh / (30Wp*18) = 1120 kWh/kWp. Installations of ClearVue solar windows on optimally oriented tilted roofs will have SY values exceeding these of conventional PV.

For conventional (silicon modules-based) rooftop PV installations in Perth, Australia, average daily energy generation outputs of about 4.4 kWh/kWp have been reported, meaning that a 2kWp roof-based PV system can potentially generate about 8.8 kWh of electric energy daily (if optimally tilted & oriented). A 2kWp ClearVue installation can potentially generate approximately the same daily energy, requiring approx. 50 smaller windows of size 1.3m2 each (even if largely non optimally oriented & tilted, such as a building façade).

1m2 at 22% efficiency (silicon) roof-based PV, optimally oriented & tilted produces approximately six times more energy than ClearVue under the same conditions per m2 … BUT you can’t see through a silicon cell and it does not form part of the structure.