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Net zero buildings are now within reach by using the ClearVue products

At AIA24 meet the solution which can reduce operational carbon and create clean energy on site while achieving financial payback.

With an active building envelope by ClearVue, you can use the whole facade surface for energy generation, including vision and non-vision areas.
With large scale solar glazing units and a broad range of textures and finishings for solar cladding you have full creative flexibility and won't have to compromise on style.

The path to net zero buildings starts at booth #3655

You can find our booth 3655 in the section Exhibit Halls A-C, every day 5-8 June 2024.

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Meet the world's first commercially available clear solar glazing

ClearVuePV Vision Glass allows visible light to pass through the glass at up to 70% visible light transmission (VLT) for maximum daylight. ClearVue prevents unwanted solar radiation from penetrating the building envelope while generating energy utilizing the custom-shaped solar cells along the perimeter. ClearVue optimizes on site energy generation by making large expanses of building façade glass into renewable energy powerhouses.