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The Future is Clear

Half Yearly Report and Accounts
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Appendix 2A and Cleansing Notice
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Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 4C
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ClearVue’s 2020 Vision

ClearVue PV has been working for years perfecting a technology that utilises an age old building material, one that protects us from and connects us to our environment, clear glass!

Our patented technology allows visible light to pass through a pane of glass, while the invisible wavelengths of light are deflected to the edges of the glass where they are converted into electricity.

ClearVue PV technology can transform a glass building into a massive solar panel, generating power where it’s needed, reducing power transmission requirements across large distances. Our technology is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and provides a sustainable and innovative new power generation capacity. ClearVue PV has the potential to add efficiency to automobiles, public transport, agriculture and mobile electronic devices.

ClearVue PV has secured a manufacturing partner, based in China, with the capability to manufacture one square metre panels at a rate of three hundred thousand per annum.

Download our latest product brochure here: ClearVuePV Brochure

Imagine a world where consumers are part of the energy solution.

Energy Efficient

Energy Generating

Clear Glass

“Our technology presents a paradigm shift in the way glass will be used in building construction, automobiles, agriculture and specialty products. Glass will no longer be just a component of construction but also a renewable energy resource.”

– Victor Rosenberg, Executive Chairman

Our sun can power the whole world in a clean and sustainable way. There’s enough solar energy hitting the surface of the Earth to satisfy our energy requirements many times over, but for now solar energy barely registers in the world’s energy portfolio. It accounts for only 0.2%, with the bulk of the world’s energy requirement of 23,322 TWh being met by non renewable resources at 78%. ¹

The most popular method we have of harnessing the sun’s rays are solar panels. Many residential homes have taken advantage of buy back tariffs to offset burgeoning utility bills by placing installations on their roof, but despite their efficiency and efficacy, solar panels compromise architectural integrity and aesthetic.

There are land based solar installations, but these tend to be in remote areas where land is cheaper, but cost effectiveness is overshadowed by the need for infrastructure requiring power to be transmitted over large distances.

In the case of inner city structures the roof area of a tall building doesn’t lend itself to the installation of many solar panels. However, globally the flat glass market accounts for 5,500 million square metres each year, at a cost of €23 billion. Not only does this represent a massive surface area from which to harness solar energy, it is a €23 billion market.

In countries facing increasing greenhouse gas emissions, ClearVuePV provides a global solution that’s clean, renewable and sustainable, potentially one of the most significant innovations in clean energy generation the world has seen.


¹ Sources: United Nations, Climate Spectator, NanoMarkets
Forbes – china-leads-the-world-in-renewable-energy-investment report July 2012

How It Works

Our team has developed revolutionary patented technology that enables us to turn clear glass panels into solar cells. Watch the video to see how it works.


Our integrated clear glass solar panels can be used in windows, skylights, greenhouses and more. Watch the video to see some exciting applications of our technology.

ClearVue in the Media


 ClearVue Profiled on Channel 9 News

29 April, 2018

“A Perth company is leading the charge in solar technology, developing windows that can harness the sun’s energy. It comes during a household solar power boom, and experts say now is the perfect time to buy in.”

ClearVue Profiled on Channel 9 News

27 March, 2017

“WA scientists have developed cutting edge smart glass – with the ability to power buildings, even entire cities. The technology turns windows into solar panels and could even lead to phones that charge themselves.”

ClearVue Profiled on ABC News

27 March, 2017

ClearVue has been featured on ABC News.

“A West Australian team has created the world’s first commercially viable clear solar glass. The development is a game-changer for the renewable energy industry…”


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