ClearVue’s patented advanced glazing technology sits within an activated interlayer sandwiched between two panes of glass.

Through the combination of special compound materials, the interlayer prevents heat and unwanted solar radiation (UV or Infrared) from penetrating the glass pane.  This energy is then redirected to the edge of the glass for controlled distribution and harvesting through conventional PV solar cells, whilst allowing the natural visible wavelength light to pass through largely unaltered.

The principles of the technology are explained here:


ClearVue believes its patented deflective technology has the potential to revolutionise the glazing industry globally, and provide a new generation in energy-efficient glazing for commercial buildings – specifically in smart façade applications, housing, greenhouses and automobiles, Internet of Things applications and mobile device screens.

The first iteration of the ClearVue product design is demonstrated here:



50cm Commercial Framed GlassProduct qualities include

  • Energy Produced – minimum 30 watts per sqm
  • IR & UV Control – approx 90%
  • Insulation properties – Saves heating and cooling costs through superior insulation
  • Transparency – >70%, lets most of the natural light through the window
  • Pay back – the glass window will provide a payback to the building over time

“Our Dream is to have a zero net energy building”

– Victor Rosenberg, Chairman & Founder of ClearVue Technologies Ltd.

Picture: 50x50cm Commercial UPVC Framed ClearVue glass that produces electricity. April 2015


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