ClearVue Meets with Leading European Organisations 

November 2017 

CENER is a Europe based, worldwide leader for testing and certification of innovative PV products based in Navarra, Spain and is a member of the worldwide committee for BIPV regulations.

ClearVue and CENER will explore testing and certification of ClearVue’s technology, as well as provide input for product development of ClearVue’s components.

From left: Victor Rosenberg, Dr. Lagunas, Alex Valenzuela, Pablo Ayesa (CEO Cener)

ACCIONA ‘s Energy Efficiency Division manages BIPV projects throughout Europe and is experienced in all previous PV technologies. ACCIONA expressed a strong interest in validating ClearVue’s product, followed by integration into their existing energy portfolio. ClearVue is to now deliver a product sample to ACCIONA for testing with a view to both parties then exploring a relationship.

Acciona’s Energy Efficiency Division in Madrid -La Moraleja Spain

Victor Rosenberg met with the CEO of Dr. Teodosio del Caño of Onyx which is located in Avila, Spain. Onyx is an established company that provides customised glass solutions, including the application of thin film PV technologies for prestigious customers and architectural offices worldwide. ClearVue will continue discussions regarding cooperating with Onyx on future BIPV projects.

From left: Victor Rosenberg, Dr. del Caño, Alex Valenzuela

ClearVue met with the Senior R&D Coordinator from AGC in Louvain, Belgium. AGC has developed a special glass that fits perfectly with ClearVue’s products. This special glass will augment ClearVue’s product and hopefully deliver efficiency increases. AGC is investigating the required product specifications to meet ClearVue’s needs.

AGC R&D Technology Centre in Louvain

BPIE is a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to improving energy performance of buildings across Europe. Victor met with Oliver Rapf, CEO and Maarten De Groote, Head of Research of BPIE. BPIE makes recommendations on how to drive the transition to smart buildings within EU Directives. ClearVue agreed to provide output data and to BPIE who will introduce ClearVue to European BIPV official working groups.

From left: Oliver Rapf, Victor Rosenberg, Alex Valenzuela

ClearVue met with an R&D Director of JC Decaux in Paris to discuss cooperating on digital advertising projects using ClearVue’s technology.

From left: Eric Calle, Victor Rosenberg, Alex Valenzuela 

Foster & Partners is a leading studio for architecture, urbanism and design, all rooted in sustainability with a worldwide reputation. They have projects in over 40 countries.
ClearVue is to deliver a product sample and progress the relationship with Foster & Partners.

From left: Alex Valenzuela, Divya Patel, Victor Rosenberg, Piers Heath

Schuco is a worldwide leading supplier of high-quality window, door and facade systems which has over 4,700 employees worldwide and is active in more than 80 countries.
Schüco is developing a substantial market share applying innovative technologies for their facade solutions. ClearVue’s technology may be able to be incorporated into Schüco’s projects.
Discussions are ongoing to join efforts on future BIPV projects.

From Left: Frank Zimmermann, Victor Rosenberg, Hans Bielefeld, Alex

Schüco’s headquarters in Bielefeld